Sunday, 24 July 2011

Ngoc Trinh criticised for lack of model behaviour

Model Ngoc Trinh has received strong criticism for being “too honest” in a recent interview with a magazine.
>>9x Ngoc Trinh in bikini
>>9x Ngoc Trinh like angel in bikini

In the interview, Ngoc Trinh provided answers about her personal life which left some readers foaming at the mouth, including her admission that she owned a USD6,000 handbag.
Trinh also said that “It's very costly to love me and I would never marry a poor man.”

Her comments sparked a furious response on Vietnam’s traditionally outspoken internet forums, where she was described as boastful, “practical about love,” and little better than a “call girl”. Some said that model Ngoc Trinh may well be “long legged but had a small brain”.

Speaking with DTiNews, the model explained that “I lived in poverty for a long time and I don’t really want to experience it again. I myself care about my family. My brothers and sisters had to move to Ho Chi Minh City to make a living to support the family, but for all their efforts, it made little difference. My family remained poor and in debt. Therefore, when I was 15 years old, I went to the city to change my life”.
“It’s not a bad thing that I don’t choose to love a poor man,” she said.
Ngoc Trinh said, “I don’t blame anything on the interviewer although she exaggerated some of my answers a bit. I also don’t regret the things I said. I only responded to what she asked me. People can say whatever they like.”
Trinh however admitted she would be more careful in future interviews, saying that she had been moved to tears by some of the criticism she had received. She did say she was very happy with those who admired her honesty.

Ngoc Trinh has developed a reputation in the Vietnamese fashion industry as the ‘Lingerie Queen’ and is often booked for bikini photo shoots.
The model became the centre of controversy with a series of ‘indecent’ photographs while on holiday in a bar with friends in Thailand.

She herself sees nothing bad in the photos, adding that the public really shouldn’t be so judgmental.
“Those are the photos I took with my friends on holiday, why are they called indecent?” Trinh said.

Trinh shared that prior to becoming a model she experienced a difficult time to earn living. She resorted to working in a billiards club in Ho Chi Minh City. During the working time here, she had a chance to meet with Vu Khac Tiep, Director of Venus Fashion, and eventually found fame in the fashion industry.

Born in 1990, Trinh started working as a model when she was 16 years old. She won modelling awards in 2005 and 2007.


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