Thursday, 26 June 2008

Miss Universe contestants cause stir in ancient town

VietNamNet Bridge – The ancient town of Hoi An on June 25 welcomed the 80 contestants of the Miss Universe 2008 pageant, who paraded around the town in cyclos.

Thousands of locals and tourists watched the parade. Though it was not a weekend, thousands of lanterns were lit up to honour the international Venuses.

“I’m very surprised to see such a beautiful ancient town like Hoi An,” said Miss USA Crystle Stewart.

Contestants also took lanterns and walked on sedge mats to greet Hoi An people. They released 80 lanterns down the Hoai River.

Today, June 26, they will be in Hanoi and later in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh province from June 27-29.

Miss Vietnam and Miss Universe 2007 took the lead in the parade

Releasing lanterns

Releasing lanterns down to the Hoai River

Vo Tien – Cam Tu – Netlife

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